We the Geeks of East L.A. (WTGoELA) is a creative collective located in East Los Angeles, California and is lead by Danny Castellanos and Marisol Ceja. 


With their team (Darrel Delfin, Steven Avalos, Andrew Suarez, Joey Byrnes, Luso Clemens, Daniel Prime and Jimmy Arias), WTGoELA are able to produce videos that are high in quality and low in cost. 


Their videos range from short comedic skits taking place in a fictionalized version of East L.A. to videos that see the world of Power Rangers colliding with other pop culture powerhouses such as Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Men in Black, and many more. 


Since it’s official launch in 2013, The ‘We The Geeks of East L.A.' YouTube channel has garnered over 379,000 YouTube subscribers aka POWER GEEKS and over 300,000,000 video views.